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Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis

Diğer İsimler: Agios Christophoros kai Nebis,Agios Kits kai Nebis,Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis,Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis,Presidency of Saint Christopher-Nevis,Presidency of Saint Kitts-Nevis,S:t Kitts och Nevis,Sain Kitts si Nevis,Sain Kitts şi Nevis,Saint Christopher and Nevis,Saint Christopher och Nevis,Saint Kits dhe Nevis,Saint Kits kai Nebis,Saint Kittler ve Neviler,Saint Kitts a Nevis,Saint Kitts agus Nevis,Saint Kitts and Nevis,Saint Kitts at Nevis,Saint Kitts dan Nevis,Saint Kitts e Nevis,Saint Kitts en Nevis,Saint Kitts es Nevis,Saint Kitts et Nevis,Saint Kitts eta Nevis,Saint Kitts i Nevis,Saint Kitts in Nevis,Saint Kitts ja Nevis,Saint Kitts na Nevis,Saint Kitts och Nevis,Saint Kitts og Nevis,Saint Kitts si Nevis,Saint Kitts und Nevis,Saint Kitts és Nevis,Saint Kitts şi Nevis,Saint-Christophe-et-Nieves,Saint-Christophe-et-Niévès,Saluda-Kiteaen e Neviseaen,Saluda-Kiteän e Neviseän,San Cristobal y Nevis,San Cristobal y Nieves,San Cristofo y Nieus,San Cristofor e Nevis,San Cristovo e Nevis,San Cristòfor e Névis,San Cristóbal y Nevis,San Cristóbal y Nieves,Sancte Christophoro e Nevis,Sankta Kristofo kaj Neviso,Sankti Kristofer og Nevis,Sankti Kristófer og Nevis,Sant Cristol e Nevis,Sant Cristol e Nieves,Sant Cristòl e Nevis,Sant Cristòl e Nieves,Sant-Cretoflle-et-Nieves,Sant-Cretôflle-et-Nievès,Santa Kitts dan Nevis,Santo Kitts dan Nevis,Sao Cristovao e Nevis,Sejnt Kits i Nevis,Sen Kitts ha Nevis,Sent Kits,Sent Kits i Nevis,Sent Kits-Nevis,Sent Kitsas ir Nevis,Sent Kristofer i Nevis,Sent Kristoferis ir Nevis,Sent-Kits i Nevis,Sent-Kitts i Nevis,Sent-Kristofo kaj Neviso,Sentkitsa un Nevisa,Sfantul Kitts si Nevis,Sfântul Kitts şi Nevis,St Kitts och Nevis,St Kitts-Nevis,St. Christopher og Nevis,St. Kitts en Nevis,St. Kitts un Nevis,St. Kitts und Nevis,State of Saint Christopher-Nevis,Sv. Kitts a Nevis,Sv. Kristofor i Nevis,Svaety Kristof,Svaety Kristof a Nevis,Svaty Kitts a Nevis,Svaty Krystof a Nevis,Svatý Kitts a Nevis,Svatý Kryštof a Nevis,Sveti Kits , Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis

Majors Bluff

Diğer İsimler: Majors Bluff

Cow Rocks

Diğer İsimler: Cow Rocks

Ben Lomond

Diğer İsimler: Ben Lomond


Diğer İsimler: Browne’s


Diğer İsimler: Brown,Brownes, Brownes


Diğer İsimler: Brumaire

Canada Hills

Diğer İsimler: Canada Hills,Canada Ridge,Connada Hills, Canada Hills

Central Range

Diğer İsimler: Central Range,Middle Range,The Middle Range, Central Range


Diğer İsimler: Clifton’s

College Gut

Diğer İsimler: College Gut

The Crater

Diğer İsimler: The Crater

Dunbar Estate

Diğer İsimler: Dunbar Estate,Dunbars, Dunbar Estate

Fancy River

Diğer İsimler: Fancy River

Fountain River

Diğer İsimler: Fountain River

Gillews Gut

Diğer İsimler: Gillews Gut

Golden Rock Airport

Diğer İsimler: Golden Rock,SKB,TKPK, Golden Rock Airport

Hamilton's Estate

Diğer İsimler: Hamilton,Hamilton's Estate,Hamiltons,Hamilton’s Estate, Hamilton’s Estate

Harts Gut

Diğer İsimler: Harts Gut


Diğer İsimler: Hermitage,Hermitage House, Hermitage

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